Yak and Yeti Brewpub and Restaurant – Arvada, CO

The Yak and Yeti, Arvada, ColoradoThe Yak and Yeti is a restaurant and brewpub specializing in Indian and Nepalese cuisine. The restaurant is located in a restored Victorian house that dates back to 1864. The original one-story house was built by Eli Allen, the second postmaster general of Arvada. His son Irwin converted it into a two story brick house around 1891. In 1894, it was sold to Elias Van Voorhis and his wife Cora who further enlarged the house with construction that was completed in 1895. Several generations of descendents of the Van Voorhis family lived in and change the house and property in the succeeding decades. In 1997, the house had become run down and dilapidated. It was purchased by developers and was completely renovated and turned into the Cheshire Cat Brewpub. In 2008, the Cheshire Cat closed and the Yak and Yeti opened in its place.


In the 1940s, Cora Van Voorhis fell down the stairs and died from her injuries. Cora’s granddaughter told stories of Cora’s ghost returning to visit after the funeral. In addition there are stories of Cora’s uncle Ned who also lived in the house at some point returning to haunt the halls. Reports of haunting seemed to die down during the locations stint as the Cheshire Cat but almost immediately after reopening as the Yak and Yeti, people started noticing strange happenings again. Specifically, the owner and employees report banging doors, objects moving, and unexplained chills. The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society was brought in to investigate and they reported hearing voices, strange clinking noises, lights flickering, and they even caught video footage of a chair moving (see embeded video below).


Address: 7803 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO, 80002
Phone: (303) 431-9000
Website: http://www.theyakandyeti.com


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  1. All I can see is WOW. The foods here are to die for, the portions are big enough for two people, and the service was such a delight. I also saved this as the last restaurant of our trip, and so happy we did. The host was also attentive and friendly, that made for a more beautiful experience.

  2. Your vivid descriptions of the ambiance, cuisine, and haunted history of the location truly transported me to Yak and Yeti. Your ability to intertwine the paranormal aspect with the culinary experience added an extra layer of fascination to the review. I want to thank you for sharing your firsthand experience and shedding light on the diverse menu options available at Yak and Yeti. It’s evident that the restaurant’s commitment to providing a wide range of flavorful dishes, alongside their in-house brewed beverages, makes for a memorable dining experience. Are there any specific stories or experiences that you came across during your visit that stood out to you?

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