Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino – Primm, Nevada

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Address: 31900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Primm, NV 89019
Phone: 702-386-7867
Website: http://primmvalleyresorts.com/whiskey-petes

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  1. Marlo Salinas says

    I was just at Whiskey Pete’s on Saturday, January 30, 2016. While I was standing near the craps tables, I seen what looked like a flash card story play out before my eyes. I seen people from old western wear to the present. Like a story. Ended with a man in a western hat. I felt like I blinked and the man disappeared before my eyes. Blew my mind. I told a friend of mine what had just happened and she thought I was just imagining it. Then while we were standing near Bonnie and Clyde’s car, I felt someone push me. Like two fingers on each side push me against my shoulder and pushed me back. I gasped so loudly I startled my friend. I told her someone just pushed me. After that it was as if lights were coming at me like a firework show. I started feeling completely overwhelmed and had to get out of the casino. My friend and I went outside and I immediately started feeling better. I asked if she knew if Whiskey Pete’s was haunted and she didn’t know. I’ve always been sensitive to spirits, but this was the first time I was completely overwhelmed by it.

    • Melissa Mcfadden says

      I just stayed there last night and lots of activity on the 9th floor. As we walked past the ice machine, the place where it comes out moved forward and started shooting ice out.. weird, but then I was startled awake at about 4 am feeling like a was for sure not alone.. I am sure I saw a shadowy figure at the end of my bed near the TV and I had an overwhelming feeling come over me… I turned the lights and TV on and stayed up till the sun came out. I have felt spirits before but this one was dark…. not sure if anyone has had similar experiences in room 9011 or even on same floor, I only hear about seeing Pete in casino, but I don’t think this was pete..

  2. I woke up tonight when I felt a heavy body sitting on the bed right next to me in room 165.It was really strange.I slept with TV and bathroom light on all night.

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