Wall Street Inn – Jefferson, Ohio

Photo by Lungstruck.

If you find yourself in the village of Jefferson, Ohio in the north east corner of the state, be sure to visit the Wall Street Inn. It’s prominently marked by a yellow and black sign that heralds “live Country and Western music on weekends”.


A former employee of the Wall Street Inn reports several encounters with a boot-clad ghost in the ladies room and walking across the dance floor. She goes on to say that other employees and customers have also seen and heard the spirit, presumed to be Buck, the former owner. Her email is excerpted below:

I worked at a place called The Wall street Inn in Jefferson, Ohio. I
worked there for about 4 yrs and one night in particular I was in the
ladies restroom (its very small with 2 stalls) I looked under the
stalls to see if either was occupied, well there were a pair of cowboy
boots under the one so I went to the other. Someone came in moments
later and went directly into that stall, The boots were gone. Told my
friend… who is also an employee there and long time customer and
she told me she had the same experience several times. Another time it
was late at night, closing shift and I was in the office counting
money and had two friends sitting in the public area waiting for me to
give them a ride, the doors had already been locked. The office sits
between a storage area and the dance floor, beyond the dance floor is
the main bar area. As I was counting the money I reached next to me to
grab my cigarette on top of one of the safes that sit between the desk
and the exit door to the dance area and a man walked from behind me
out to the dance floor,. At that moment I screamed “WHO THE HELL IS
THAT?” Both friends said they had seen nothing.. They both got up and
helped me search the place and there was no one else in the building
other than the three of us. Ive also heard many other stories from
customers and ex employees that theyve had several other experiences,
especially after hours seeing and hearing ppl;.I have to say there
have been several times when Ive closed that things have happened,
hearing people talking ect.. We think the older man several of us has
seen may have been “Buck” as he was known, who was the previous owner
who practically lived in the place when he was alive.


Address:17 Wall Street, Jefferson, OH 44047-1137
Phone: (440) 576-6505
Website: None Found

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  • An email from a former employee

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