Valley Hotel Bar and Grill – Clairton, Pennsylvania

Exterior of the Valley Hotel Bar and Grill
The Valley Hotel Bar and Grill was built in 1863. It was originally called the Granger Hotel, named after the family that owned it. It served as a watering hole and lodging for steel mill, river, and railroad workers. The building has seen its share of tragedy during its long history. In 1971, the third floor was destroyed in a fire and repaired as a two story building. I has also been damaged by flooding from the nearby Monongahela River. During its long history, ownership has changed several times. It stopped being a hotel in 2007. Today, the Valley Hotel Bar and Grill is best known for its live music and sports on the its giant TV screen.


There are many reports of paranormal activity at The Valley Hotel Bar & Grill although it is unclear who (or what) is doing the haunting. Voices, screams, noises, knocks, and moving items are some of the many incidents reported. Footsteps, voices, and moving shadows were reported in the upstairs hallway. Floating orbs are seen in photographs and faces are seen in mirrors. An investigation by paranormal experts from the Pittsburgh Paranormal Society, turned up many unexplained phenomena including a mirror that moved of its on volition and crashed to the floor. Even the owners believe that it is haunted. “They’re not unfriendly or evil spirits, they’re just here,” said one of the owners Ms. Oggier, 59.


Address: 1004 New England Hollow Road, Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025
Phone: (412) 233-9800

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Special Thanks to Sherri Granato for reporting this haunted bar.

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  1. This place just burned down. You need to look into the spirits in the pictures of the fire.

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