The Remington Bar – Whitefish, Montana

Containing two full bars, the Remington Bar features poker tables, darts, ping pong, foosball, shuffleboard, karaoke and pool tables. The Remington Bar in Whitefish, Montana, was established in 1908 by local Japanese businessman Mokutaro Hori, who offered dining in Hori’s Cafe on the main floor and lodging for railroad crews upstairs.


The building has long been rumored to be haunted. Phenomena range from sounds (disembodied footsteps are said to clomp across the floor when the building is empty), to strange smells (a woman’s perfume can be smelled in spots where nobody was), to lit cigarettes found burning long after the bar has closed. In addition, an apparition stalks the upstairs: the figure of a man in a hat and trench coat. The ghost is thought to be that of George Winans, a young man who allegedly committed suicide by cutting his throat in one of the upper rooms in 1919.


Address: 130 Central Avenue, Whitefish, Mt 59937
Phone: (406) 862-0017
Website: Unavailable


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  1. Shark Rudner says

    I lived upstairs for a couple of months, still to scared to talk about it!

  2. I worked there at the Palm Hotel and bar, back in the mid to late 70’s before it was the Remmington. The hanging person in the foosball area always freaked me out.

    At the time they were doing renovations in the basement area and the broke down part of an old brick/stone wall to make repairs. I had to go down there one day to get some linens, my bartender and I were walking through there and from that hole in the wall a knife fell out. She ran back upstairs screaming. Our bouncer came running down to see what happened. I picked up and showed him the knife. It was very old and rusted.
    Upstairs in the hotel part, beds that you made up would unmake themselves selves. The smell of cigarette smoke out of nowhere happened all over the hotel, bar and disco area. I never liked being there alone.

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