The Poland Spring Inn – Poland, Maine

Poland Spring Maine Inn

Photo by Curt DuBaun

The Poland Spring Inn actually encompasses three inns, three restaurants, a golf-course, and a great deal of history and local legend. The bar has a $2 happy hour for golfers and guests, and frequent live entertainment.

The inn that would become Poland Spring Inn was founded in 1794 by Jabez Ricker. His family continued the work of the family inn and farm. In 1859, Hiram Ricker, believing the water from their spring possessed curative properties, started bottling and selling the water.


The Poland Spring Inn & Resort is widely believed to be haunted by none other than Hiram Ricker. Employees report seeing him walking around and hearing his voice echo through empty rooms. In the empty lobby, footsteps have been heard in the early morning hours, and objects are moved around.

There are also reports of ghostly activity in the surrounding area. While on your way on Route 26, don’t pick up hitchhikers. There are at least two reported ghosts who hitchhike in the area. There are stories of a bride who was struck by a car and killed on her way to a wedding, and a girl in a prom dress. Both ghostly hitchhikers will accept rides then disappear unexpectedly, either before getting into the car or after.


Address: 543 Maine St, Poland Spring, ME 04274
Phone: (207) 998-4351


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