The Alaskan Hotel and Bar – Juneau, Alaska

The Alaskan Hotel and BarThe Alaskan Hotel and Bar was built in 1913 in an effort to give local prospectors a place to spend any gold they may have mined. It is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Juneau, Alaska and was added to the National Historic Register in 1978.


The Alaskan Hotel has a long and storied past in a rough and tumble part of the world. Like many establishments found on this website it was at one point used as a bordello. Local lore has it that one of the ghosts found in this building was a woman named Alice who joined the oldest profession to make ends meet after her husband left for an extended mining expedition. Running out of money and not knowing when or if her husband would ever return, she decided to supply a demand at the Alaskan Hotel. Of course her husband did return and was none to excited to learn about his wife’s entrepreneurial nature. Murder ensued right there in the hotel.

People report seeing ghosts, hearing noises, feeling cold, and finding objects moved from place to place when there was no one around to move them. Employees report that some rooms just don’t feel right and often have to move complaining guests to different rooms. There is one repeated story of a woman who was charmed by an antique bathroom and then when she went back to use it again found it be perfectly and inexplicably modern. The hotel website describes rooms 219, 313, and 315 as “ghost rooms” where paranormal activity seems to be focused, but there are stories of strange happenings in many parts of the hotel and bar.


Address: 167 South Franklin Street, Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-586-1000
Website: The Alaskan Hotel and Bar


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