Stone’s Public House – Ashland, Massachusetts

Photo by CC Chapman

The Railroad House was built by John Stone in 1834 to serve as an inn and restaurant for the brand new railway coming through town. It was very successful and was operated as an inn for many years. Eventually success tapered off and the building fell into disrepair. It was rescued in 1976, remodeled, and renamed Stone’s Public House. It has achieved new glory as an Irish American gastropub with fine food and beverages.

Legends tell of a number of tragic deaths in and around the old inn and it is believed that the spirits of those poor souls remain.


The owner and employees of the bar tells stories of doors unbolting, unlatching and swinging open, lights that turn on, and water faucets that open by themselves. Several people report being tapped or grabbed by an unseen hand.

A number of people including several psychics and mystics report feeling a presence here, especially in the upstairs room. They claim there are several spirits with personalities that range from sad, to prankish, to guilt ridden.


Location: 179 Main Street Ashland, MA 01721
Phone: 508-881-1778


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  1. a few bars / taverns just south of Boston as well. 1 being the fowler house in Quincy.
    the Ranch House in Marshfield ( now closed)
    2 in Pembroke…there are more but you have to go talk to he tavern owner/chief B’tender

  2. Richard King says

    I lived in Ashland for awhile. As far as we were concerned the hauntings were real. They seemed to be most active when a train went by. There were several instances of weird things that resulted in the staff walking out.

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