Silver Queen Hotel – Virginia City, Nevada

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Silver Queen Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada

Photo by Brent Cooper

Silver Queen Hotel and Wedding Chapel also houses the Silver Queen Saloon.


A ghost named Annie is said to haunt this hotel. Footsteps and tapping sounds without visible sources are frequently reported. Disembodied voices, shadowy apparitions, cold spots, and emf have been reported. There is a story of an epic fight between a man and a woman from the early history of the hotel during its gold rush days being played out repeatedly by resident spirits. Room 11 is said to be particularly haunted.


Address: 28 North C Street, P.O. Box 455, Virginia City, NV 89440
Phone: (775) 847-0440

Tours and Events

Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night at 8:30pm, Ghost Tours start at the Silver Queen Saloon. Call (775) 847-0440 for more info.


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