Olde Pink House – Savannah, Georgia

Photo by pmeimon

Construction on the Olde Pink House began in 1771 by the Habersham family. The house survived occupation by the British in the Revolutionary War and by the Union Army during the Civil War. It also survived the war of 1812 and the Savannah Fire.

It earned its name because the color of the underlying red brick would repeatedly bleed through the overcoat of white plaster to create a pink hue. Later owners gave up fighting and simply painted the house pink.

Today the Olde Pink House serves as a gourmet restaurant and tavern. The food is fantastic and the service is friendly. The bartender was happy to tell us stories ghosts and even showed us some pictures that proved his tales.


Savannah has a reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America. The Olde Pink House certainly adds to that mystique.

The most commonly spoke of spirit of the House is James Habersham Jr. He has been seen by employees and customers alike in colonial garb. Witnesses claim to have seen him drinking ale and he has been blamed for lighting candles in the building.

Some report the occasional cries of mourning of a female specter on the second floor when no one is on that floor. Others report the mischievous presence of slave children in the cellar throwing dice and playing tricks on patrons.

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Location: 23 Abercorn, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-232-4286
Website: http://www.americascuisine.com/georgia/savannah/TheOldePinkHouse.aspx


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  1. Betty Pogor says

    I would like to know who the people are in all of the paintings throughout the restaurant. Who would I contact for this history?

    • Dani ashbridge says

      I’m curious as to your question as I recently took a picture in one of the rooms and another face has appeared in the photo. This was in December

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