Loockerman Exchange – Dover, Delaware

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Address: 1 W Loockerman St, Dover, DE 19904
Phone: (302) 741-2223
Website: http://www.loockermanexchange.com/


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  1. My father owned the night club when it was still open. We stayed there a few times overnight. I personally heard voices when no one else was there but me and him, and he was sleeping. I also woke up at one point and had a black shadow figure standing over me…I almost lost it. I would get the hair standing up and uncomfortable feelings, but that is not evidence, that is just my heightened abilities and senses. I have seen, heard, been touched, choked, by spirits from the other side since I was 4. I do not ever speak about it, I try to ignore it, but that place was hard to ignore. There were many occurrences when it was alive as a business that happened to staff or guests. I know there is one picture I believe M& M ghost hunters have or and old staff member with lady Loockerman standing behind my father. The recordings they have are all real. I am the first to debunk or call b.s on someone, but after researching the buildings history, and unexplained occurrences, the investigation was done .Needless to say they found more than sufficient evidence backing up the fact it is haunted.

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