Kitty Knight House – Georgetown, Maryland

The house that would be forever associated with Kitty Knight was built overlooking the Sassafras river on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the late 1700’s. It would have been burned to the ground by British forces on May 6, 1813 if Kitty Knight hadn’t stubbornly and persuasively convinced the British Admiral Cockburn to spare it and the adjacent house.

Today the Kitty Knight House serves as an Inn and Restaurant.


Many believe the ghost of Kitty Knight still roams the building opening and closing doors, lighting lights, making phone calls, and rocking in her favorite chair. Some have felt her presence. Others claim to have caught a glimpse of her shadowy form. For those interested in spending the night, you may want to ask for room 4. This was reportedly her room and seems to be a focal point for unexplained phenomena.


Location: 14028 Augustine Herman Highway, Georgetown, MD 21930
Phone: (410) 648-5200
Website: Kitty Knight House Inn and Restaurant


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  1. I had a friend that worked there. And she claims she saw mrs.kitty. And she first saw her in the kitchen. She also saw her walking up the stairs with a candle stick…… But you know you cant bealive evthing…(;

  2. kimberly paup says

    when i was 8. I moved to my Uncles in Delaware. My Aunties parents ran the Kitty Knight Housr at that time. One nigjt we went there for dinner and listened while they told my brothers and I about it being haunted. Candles started to lite on their own , moaning could be heard and just as plain day a woman appeared only a few feet away from us. Im 43 now and decided to look it up to make sure i wasnt having false memories. What a great piece of history.

  3. I used to work / live there for a few months in 2001 to 2002 time while it was being renovated. slept in the room across from office on second floor almost above the bar the room has a skylight in it.

    Would have the toilet flush by itself, my dad said power tools came on without being plugged in. ive not experienced too much even though I stayed there alone as groundskeeper, felt others there just no funny stuff, they knew I knew of them n dont think they wanted to give me a heart attack.

    If she is there, shes kind, since shes had plenty times to scare me, specially on midnight munchie runs, can we create a more onedge time to scare someone in that Place, basement still dirt floor?

  4. My husband and I stayed in room 4 for a friend’s wedding. We did not have any unusual occurrences. The only thing slightly odd was the TV cabinet opened when I walked by. I chalked that up to the floorboards.
    The door does close behind you, but I think it is due to unlovely flooring or the hinges.

  5. *uneven- not “unlovely”

  6. Mrs. Kitty is there had a ex that worked there they had coffee cups fly across the room, stoves turn on by themselves, and the cabinets will fly open. She uses to have many experiences. It’s crazy Miss Kitty was a prostitute, unfortunately the legend won’t go on much longer since the Kitty Knight House will be closing for good October 2016.

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