International Cafe and Bar – Austin, Nevada

the front of the the International Cafe and Saloon Austin Nevada

Photo by Till.Vallee

Austin, Nevada is not quite a ghost town. It has a population of 192 (at least it did in 2010.) The town was founded in 1862 after gold and silver was discovered nearby. In order to support the booming population of prospectors, miners, and related entrepreneurs, the International Hotel was dismantled in Virginia City, Nevada, moved 163 miles, and reassembled becoming the first commercial building in Austin in 1863. Today, the International Cafe and Bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, has a full bar, and free restrooms.

The International Cafe -  Austin, Nevada, USA

Photo by Bill Herndon


The International Cafe and Bar is said to be haunted by a ghost called “Tommy” that sometimes appears in the bar area and whose footsteps are sometimes heard upstairs.


Address: 59 Main Street, Austin, Nevada 89310
Phone: (775) 964-1225
Website: Their Facebook Page

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