Finley’s Bar and Grill – Manteca, California

Finley's Bar and Grill - Manteca, CA

Photo by Vickie Costello

Finley’s Bar & Grill serves lunch, dinner, and private parties on a country road in Manteca, CA. The grounds include gardens, a chapel, and a cottage. Call about tours or investigations.


According to the owner and others all of the following paranormal events have been reported at Finley’s: a sensation of the presence of a spirit or entity; cold spots; touching, tapping, and grabbing; the sound of footsteps, voices, and doors opening and closing; bottles rattling, glasses, pots and pans falling; water turning on and off and switching back and forth between sinks; a towel ‘grabbed’ out of a bartenders hand then floated over to a sink; and lights coming out of the wall and floating in the room. The owner even tells a story about being inexplicably locked in the attached house for 8-10 minutes. Several employees have quit and left abruptly. Finley’s has been featured on A&E My Ghost Story (see below).


Address: 10477 S Airport Way, Manteca, CA 95336
Phone: (209) 983-9493
Website: Finley’s Bar and Grill on Facebook


According to their Facebook Page, the owner’s of Finley’s offer three hour ghost tours every other Saturday. Please call for information and tickets.



The section on Finley’s starts at 16:28 in the video below.

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