Anthony’s Fine Dining – Atlanta, Georgia

Photo by SAO at UGA

Anthony’s Fine Dining occupies a beautiful antebellum mansion situated on 3 acres about 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta. But it wasn’t always that way. Also known as the Pope-Walton house, the mansion was originally built in Wilkes County Georgia 117 miles east of Atlanta. Started in 1797, construction on the house continued through the War of Northern Aggression… er I mean the Civil War. General Sherman’s troops actually ransacked the house during their terrible march to the sea. They only spared the house because the newborn baby of Mary Elizabeth Pope Walton was being cared for there. The mansion was actually moved brick by brick to its current location in the heart of Buckhead over a three year period in the mid 1960’s by an engineer and restaurateur.

Today the house serves as a restaurant and wedding venue.


An apparition of a woman has been reported in the vicinity of the stairs. Some people hear the sounds of children playing. Other strange noises and voices have been reported by employees. A former manager of the restaurant tells stories of lights in the attic that repeatedly turn themselves on. Several paranormal groups have conducted investigations in the house and have reported EVP readings, sensing a presence, hearing sounds, and seeing strange movements but they were unable to conclusively prove that the site is haunted.


Address: 3109 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 262-7379


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  1. Anthonys was a really great restaurant, sadly closed in 2012.

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