About Us

At Haunted Bar Guide, we’re obsessed with finding and featuring the most haunted, mysterious and creepy drinking establishments in the world. But we need your help to do it.

We are collecting ghost stories – stories of hauntings, mysteries, and unexplained phenomena. Have you had a brush with a spirit or poltergeist at your favorite tavern? Do you work at a bar that is frequented by specters, apparitions, or phantasms? Then share your spine tingling tales.

If you own, visit, or work at a place that serves drinks that you fear may be haunted. We’d love for you tell us about it. At minimum we’d like the name and location, but what we really want are stories of unexplained experiences. In addition, if you know anything about the history of the bar, or better yet have pictures, be sure to share that too.

Last Call is always such a bittersweet time. We are doing our best to document the places where some have taken it just a little too seriously.